Xtreme Locator Hosted Web Service

Description: Starting for as low as $11.00 per month, IQ Services' Xtreme Locator Hosted Web Service is an affordable solution for companies that prefer to outsource their technological solutions or who don't want the expense of purchasing and maintaining software applications.

Details:  Xtreme Locatorâ„¢ is a robust, dynamic dealer locator that enables your Web Site to deliver a directory of your company's facilities complete with distance, directions, map, logo image, location specialties, special events and even an audio message. Our application allows your site visitors to search by zip code or on specific criteria to find business locations that meet their needs. In the advanced search mode, Xtreme Locator has extensive search capabilities that enable the visitor to search by postal code (USA & Canada), location name, city, state, country, specialty, special events or combination of fields.

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Item Number: 01-xloc

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